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What We Do

Naples Pathways Coalition works to create safe, bikeable, walkable communities in Collier County, from our flagship project, the Paradise Coast Trail, to educational and public safety initiatives. 

We analyze data and legislation to make a case for roadway improvements or enhancements; serve on key committees that implement change; and attend and testify at public meetings to affect change and raise awareness of issues.

NPC educates motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians through programs and special events.

NPC Strategic Plan for 2018/2019 Revolves Around 5 Focus Areas

Focus Area #1 – Multi-Use Pathway System in Collier County

Many communities in Florida and throughout the United States (Miami, Tampa, Orlando, etc.) have a network of connected multi-use trails and pathways that are designed exclusively for non-motorized transportation. Collier County has no multi-use connected pathway systems. The Gordon River Greenway has been an outstanding success to date and a great example of what a dedicated multi-use pathway can provide to our community. We have partnered with the national organization, Rails to Trails Conservancy, to help us create a network of connected multi-use pathways throughout our community. Our multi-use pathway system is called the Paradise Coast Trail

Focus Area #2 – Expand Educational Efforts for Motorists, Cyclists and Pedestrians

Currently NPC - publishes and distributes Safety Tip Cards designed to educate motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians about safe practices, speaks to community and civic groups, conducts bike/pedestrian safety rodeos for children, writes monthly newspaper and magazine columns; publishes a bicycle & tourism map with safe routes; and participates in community safety events.

Focus Area #3 – Expand Educational Efforts for Law Enforcement

NPC provides the Collier County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) and the Naples Police Department (NPD) with roll-call videos and a laminated summary of Florida Statutes dealing with bike/pedestrian traffic laws that they can refer to on the job.

Focus Area #4 – Expand NPC Programs that Support High-Risk Commuter Cyclists

NPC conducts an annual “Lights for Bikes” program for selected businesses where we install bike lights and provide service workers with reflective vests and educational info.

Focus Area #5 – Strengthen NPC’s Organization to Ensure Sustainability and Greater Effectiveness

In the past three years, NPC membership has tripled, and NPC has established itself as a positive, well-respected force in the community. To achieve our goals, it will be necessary to continue strengthening the NPC internal organization to accomplish our goals.


Most recently. . .

  • NPC completed the feasibility study for the 70-mile Paradise Coast Trail in one year, more than five years sooner than expected due to state funds awarded to NPC
  • NPC was instrumental in the City of Naples’ adoption of a Complete Streets policy (meaning roadways will be designed with bicyclists and pedestrians in mind, not just cars). We are committed to seeing Complete Street design principles incorporated into Collier County’s Land Development Code, which will have significant consequences as the eastern part of the county is built out.
  • NPC was instrumental in the adoption of the Central Avenue Improvement Project, Naples’ first Complete Street project
  • NPC supplied the Collier County Sheriff’s Office with bike/ped traffic law refresher materials used to educate officers during role call
  • NPC was instrumental in assisting the Collier County Planning Commission define its position on the benefits and necessity of sidewalks in neighborhoods.
  • NPC co-chaired the Naples Bicycle Friendly Community Team, a public-private partnership with the city, and implemented many of the improvements that led to Naples being awarded a Bronze Bicycle Friendly Community Award by the League of American Bicyclists.
  • NPC was named to the Alternative Development Review Team (ADRT) for the Downtown Naples Mobility & Connectivity Study, a project that will have significant impact on how we all drive, bike, and walk around the city.
  • NPC reaches the community regularly through monthly columns in Life in Naples magazine.

Since 2002. . .

  • NPC worked with the City of Naples to develop a five-year Master Pathways Plan that was passed into law in 2007, ensuring pathways are included in further City projects; participated in the update in 2013.
  • NPC was instrumental in achieving a redirection of FDOT annual funds, increasing the pathway box fund from $500,000 per year to $ 2million per year. This money will be used for installing bike lanes and pathways as needed on a retrofit basis.
  • NPC supported the Collier County Metropolitan Planning Organization's efforts to develop a Comprehensive Pathways Plan with over 500 miles of new sidewalks, bike lanes, and greenways.
  • NPC worked with the MPO committees to improve the infrastructure and road signage in Collier County.
  • NPC participated in the planning for the Florida Power & Light Greenway, the Rich King Memorial Greenway, the Gordon River Greenway, and the proposed Rookery Bay Greenway
  • NPC received the Walter Keller Architecture Awareness Award for our contribution to the improvement of the built environment in Collier County.
  • NPC raised awareness of the "Three Feet to Pass" law by persuading the City and County to put the decals on the bumpers of all their vehicles.


Naples Pathways Coalition is the recipient of 2017 Best of Naples Award in the Associations/Non-Profits category by the Naples Award Program.

Each year, the Naples Award Program identifies organizations that have "achieved exceptional success in their local community and have enhanced the positive image of non-profits through outstanding service to their constituents and our community. These exceptional organizations help make the Naples area a great place to live, work and play."


When there’s a conversation about transportation planning, NPC is at the table to represent the interests of bicyclists and pedestrians.  NPC Board members participate on the these committees and boards

  • Florida Bicycle Association Legislative Committee
  • Pathways Advisory Committee to the Collier Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)
  • Blue Zones Community Policy Committee
  • Blue Zones Built Environment Subcommittee
  • Naples Bicycle Friendly Community Team
  • Alternative Development Review Team (ADRT) for Downtown Naples Mobility & Connectivity Study

NPC representatives attend the following city and county meetings

  • Naples City Council
  • Naples Community Redevelopment Advisory Board
  • Collier County Board of Commissioners
  • Collier County Community Traffic Safety Team (CTST)
  • Collier County Transportation Planning
  • Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) Board
  • MPO Technical Advisory Committee
  • MPO Citizens Advisory Committee
  • MPO Congestion Management System/Intelligent Transportation System Committee

NPC is a member of

  • Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce
  • Florida Bicycle Association
  • League of American Bicyclists
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