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NPC is working both independently and as a member of the DNT TEXT N DRV Coalition to pass legislation making texting while driving a primary offense.  Currently, Florida is only one of four states in the country that does not have such a law, yet it remains #1 in the country in bicycle fatalities and crashes. NPC continues to actively support passage of the Vulnerable Road Users legislation.
Members of the DNT TXT N DRV Coalition include:
American Society of Safety Engineers
Audible Broadcasting
Bike/Walk Central Florida
Central Florida Expressway (CFX)
City of Orlando
Coconut Creek Police Department
Concrete Coalition of Florida (CCF)
Enterprise Holdings
Florida Chapter of the American College of Surgeons
Florida Committee on Trauma
Florida Concrete & Products Association
Florida Independent Concrete & Associated Products Association
Florida Neurosurgery Society
Florida Orthopedic Society
Florida PTA
Florida Police Chiefs Association
Florida Public Health Association
Florida Roof Deck Association
Florida Sheriffs Association
Masonry Association of Florida (MAF)
Milton Police Department
Naples Pathways Coalition
National Association of Credit Management- Improved Construction Practices Committee (NACM-ICPC) 
National Waste & Recycling Association 
Oviedo Police Department 
Punta Gorda Police Department
Quality Block & Supply, Inc.
Quality Precast Co.  
R & R Rebar Fabricators, Inc.  
Republic Services
Southwestern Suppliers, Inc.
Town of Ponce Inlet
Walt Disney World Resort

Share these statistics from the National Safety Council with your friends and family and make them aware of the dangers of Distracted Driving.

  • Over 2.5 million people in the U.S. are involved in road incidents each year. Of these, 1.6 million have cell phones involved - that's 64%! 
  • Every year approximately 421,000 people are injured in crashes involving a driver who was distracted. 
  • 78% of all distracted drivers are distracted because they are texting. 
  • Each year over 330,000 crashes caused by texting while driving lead to severe injuries. 
  • Texting and driving is six times more likely to cause an accident than driving while drunk. 
  • It takes an average of three seconds after a driver's mind is taken off the road for an accident to occur. 
  • Reading a text message while driving distracts a driver for a minimum of five seconds each time. 
  • In five seconds, a car going 55 mph covers the length of a football field. Not good news when the driver is looking at the phone instead of the road. The time a driver spends with eyes off the road increases by approximately 400% if texting. 
  • Your chances of a crash for any reason increases by 23% when you text while driving.  
  • 77% of adult drivers say they can easily manage texting while driving. Really? 

If that's not bad enough, here are the stats about teenagers:

  • 55% of teenage drivers say that they can easily manage texting while driving, yet 11 die every day as a result.
  • 94% of teenagers say they understand the consequences of texting and driving.  Only a small percentage actually admits to doing it.
  • 21% of teen drivers involved in fatal crashes each year were using a cell phone at the time of the crash.
  • Teen drivers are four times more likely than adults to be in a car crash when texting while driving.
  • 82% of American teenagers own a cell phone and use it regularly to talk and text.
  • When teens text while driving they veer off the lane 10% of their total drive time.
  • 48% of younger teens have been in a car while the driver was texting. Over 1600 children in that age group are killed each year because of crashes involving texting.



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Representative Francis Rooney
Representative Mario Diaz-Balart


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